Ford Expedition Receives A Five Star Rating in Crash Tests

2018 Ford Expedition

Whether you want the latest features or the most spacious ride, the 2018 Ford Expedition should be on your list. The fact that it is probably the safest vehicle in its three-row class offers peace of mind to go with the handsome package.

Many large vehicles have to rely on size to provide enough safety. Perhaps that’s why other SUVs sometimes don’t make the best grades at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Expedition, on the other hand, has scored all five stars*.

Which Safety Features are Present on the Expedition?

A new majority-aluminum build has lightened up the Expedition, but clearly the big rig is as tough as ever. There’s plenty of high-strength steel to help the cabin stay safe from intrusions. In the event of an accident, Safety Canopy airbags drop down to protect children on the second and third rows. Extensive traction controls improve handling and reduce the chances of an accident due to sliding or instability. After an accident, an SOS Alert System is triggered.

Which Features Were Not a Part of Testing?

Ford has many safety features that weren’t included in the testing. These make the vehicle an even better buy for concerned parents. The standard rearview camera watches for kids and cars. A dedicated washer will clean the lens for good views every time.

You can get Ford parallel and perpendicular parking system to really take the worry out planting this SUV in a parking space. If you add the rear-cross traffic alert, you’ve got another level of protection against parking dangers. This system lets you know if a car is coming into your path while you are backing out.

How Does Ford Help Keep Me Safe?

2018 Ford Expedition Interior

Staying out of harm’s way has become more likely with the rise of warning features. Thus Ford offers aids that drivers can use to avoid common collision scenarios. Side swipes are the focus of two technologies. Blind spot monitors can tell the driver when it’s safe to change lanes. A lane departure system alerts the driver if the Expedition is straying from the marked path. In fact, this system acts as an assist, helping to straighten up the SUV inside the lane lines. For safer travel in busy traffic, the driver can turn on adaptive cruise control. This feature provides stop-and-go capability, utilizing an autobrake to maintain a safe distance between the Expedition and leader traffic.

Are there Safety Features for Towing?

Safety while towing is another angle covered by the Expedition standard and optional features list. Trailer sway control counters the effects of gravity and speed on the tandem trailer. Only Ford offers Pro Trailer Backup Assist which permits the Expedition driver to move the trailer with only the turn of a knob. Only Ford has a blind spot system that can provide coverage of the trailer. Watching the sides, the monitor can tell the driver when traffic is near the trailer or the SUV. This helps ensure safe lane changes and turns.

As an SUV, the Expedition has 9.8 inches of ground clearance. This can protect the vehicle from debris. Multiple drive modes are possible with the revised Terrain Management System. Ford helps drivers cope with grass, gravel, snow and other loose terrain. Sand and similar low traction situations are addressed by another setting. A third setting recognizes the presence of mud or ruts.

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* NHTSA Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportations New Car Assessment Program ( Model tested with standard side airbags (SAB).
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