Ford Taurus and Several Technology Features

When the team here at Grapevine Ford discover useful features in a new car, we can't wait to share it with our customers. The technology features in the new Ford Taurus make this popular full-size sedan one you should see.

One of the unique ways the new Ford Taurus is going to help keep a driver safer on the road is by way of the Lane-Keeping System. Sensors are scanning the highway lines, so if you drift out of those lines the vehicle begins to vibrate the steering wheel similar to the feeling of driving over rumble strips.

When you're driving the new Ford Taurus on the road, if another driver in an adjacent lane behind you is in your blind spot, that is when the Blind Spot Information System identifies the issue. You'll get a series of alerts on your side mirror as to which lanes you should avoid moving into until clear.



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