Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

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Mechanics are quite knowledgeable when it comes to all of the various noises that an engine can make. Some noises are perfectly normal though they may come and go. There are other noises that are a cause for concern. If you hear something that is out of the norm for your specific vehicle, then it is time to bring your vehicle into a service center to have it checked out. Any issue with your vehicle should never be ignored. This can lead to some pretty catastrophic issues in a very short amount of time. It is important to remember that a minor repair that is easy to take care of now can become quite an expensive issue in just a few short weeks. Let’s take a look at some of the most common engine noises that require immediate attention.

Knocking Noises

A deep and low knocking sound can indicate some problems deep within your engine. These knocking sounds can also present themselves as something that sounds like a ping. A worn out part inside of your engine will cause these noises and they will get worse with acceleration. Park your vehicle where you are located and contact someone to come help you.

Clicking or Ticking Noises

There are certain parts of your engine such as the timing chains, camshaft and rocker arms that will make a clicking or ticking noise as they work. This is completely normal. What isn’t normal is when these sounds become louder with time. It is also concerning if the ticking or clicking comes and goes. Components can become worn out or malfunction if your oil levels are low. Check this out first. If you still notice there is a problem even after addressing your oil, then you should contact a professional.

Noises While Accelerating

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It is normal to hear noises occur while you are driving. There is a problem when you hear noises only during acceleration. Something will require immediate attention, if you notice these noises are starting out small when you hit the gas pedal and then they increase. Any kind of vibration or pulsing in your pedal may also be a concern that should be looked at. Some noises may immediately present themselves right when you hit the gas pedal. There will be other issues that only come up when your vehicle hits a certain RPM level. This is something else to watch out for if you notice a problem.

Noises While Braking

Most noises that occur during braking are issues that directly involve the brakes of your vehicle. There can be an issue with your engine if you notice sounds while you are slowing your vehicle down. Make sure that the sounds are coming from the engine and not the wheel well of your vehicle. If you feel anything pulsing under your brake pedal, then this is probably an issue with your brakes and not your engine. Engine problems usually present themselves as noises and not a certain feeling within your vehicle.

If you notice that there is a sound coming from your engine that is very alarming, it is best to seek immediate service. A mild noise that presents itself just once or twice may not be a problem at all. Keep in mind that engines are complex structures. Use your intuition and seek help for your vehicle if you suspect there is anything going on. A minor problem could end up putting your life at risk if your entire gives out while you are driving on the road with your family in tow.

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