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Ford Driver Assist Technology Could Stop ‘ANNOYING’ Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road

Driver Assist Tech

The Beginning of The End For Backseat Drivers

Word through the grapevine is that Ford Co-Pilot360 could be the beginning of the end for those backseat drivers that have been annoying drivers since the dawn of the automobile. We've all driven with one at some point. They sit in the backseat warning us to "watch out" before we hit something to our left, right, or center.

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How Does Ford Sync Connect Work?

Ford Sync

One thing that Ford has developed a reputation for has been vehicle connectivity at its finest. The solutions have been brought in using the Sync platform, and they have depended on drivers to connect phones through USB or hands-free wireless technology. Some of the great services provided through this technology include vehicle health reports and 911 Assist.

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See How Ford Tests Cars for Endurance Over Potholes

Coming down the road on Ford’s all-new 2017 Fusion V6 Sport is a new technology called Continuous Control Damping with Pothole Mitigation. The new technology is going to aid drivers in keeping their cars’ suspensions safe from damage when driving over potholes and other hazardous faults in the road. Continuous Control Damping with Pothole Mitigation can detect when a tire has fallen into a pothole and signals the suspension to adjust to the conditions…

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Ford's Enhanced Pedestrian Detection Tech Can See in the Dark

scary nighttime landscape

While being scared of the dark is often thought of as a childhood quirk, it can be stressful to drive at night for fear of hitting pedestrians, animals or other cars due to decreased visibility. Luckily, Ford is working hard to soothe your worries.

The carmaker has introduced new technology that monitors for pedestrians at night, warns the driver and automatically brakes if the driver does not respond to the warnings.

According to Gregor Allexi…

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Does Your SUV Have Advanced Connectivity? With New SYNC 3, the 2017 Ford Escape Sure Does

640 × 480
Available infotainment system in the 2017 Ford Escape


Ford has been knocking it out of the park lately, with stellar new additions to the model lineup, to their powertrain options list, and to their technology range. And its newest Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system is no exception.

Praised by critics across the industry as Ford's best yet, SYNC 3 plus Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Support is revolutionizing driver connectivity.

On the 2017 Ford Escape…

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How to Use Ford Keyless Entry Keypad

SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad 

Ford is adamant about making life more convenient for its drivers. Such is the reason why the brand created the SecuriCode feature that lets you sync the Ford Keyless entry capabilities with the invisible pad.


Where Can I Find The SecuriCode Entry Pad?

Those wondering about the location of SecuriCode should focus on the driver's side door when locking and unlocking their vehicles. The long pad is especially visible at night, which is why…

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Escape Is First Ford Ever to Feature Wiper Blade De-icer

On icy days in the Dallas area, it can be difficult for windshield wipers to work properly, but with Ford's new windshield wiper de-icers that's about to change. Set to debut as a new feature in the 2017 Escape Cold Weather package, Ford's new windshield wiper de-icers will have the ability to melt light ice and snow off of wiper blades in less than 10 minutes, even when temperatures are as low as 18 degrees.

The coolest part is that the de-icer system can be activated remotely thanks to SYNC Connect, which also allows Ford owners to…

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