SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad 

Ford is adamant about making life more convenient for its drivers. Such is the reason why the brand created the SecuriCode feature that lets you sync the Ford Keyless entry capabilities with the invisible pad.


Where Can I Find The SecuriCode Entry Pad?

Those wondering about the location of SecuriCode should focus on the driver's side door when locking and unlocking their vehicles. The long pad is especially visible at night, which is why some owners may choose to program the feature in their backyard in the evening rather than in the morning.

What Does It Do For Me?

SecuriCode, when correctly set, lets you open your doors and trunk or liftgate without a key. You only need to begin with the factory pass, which is located on a card in your glove box to tailor the feature to your liking. Precisely press all of the numbers on your card to disengage the driver's side door. Unlocking the other entry points on your vehicle only requires you to push the "3-4" mark one time.

You can also release the catch on your trunk using SecuriCode. Entering the factory designated code followed by the "5-6" mark will give you access to space. Pressing the "7-8" and "9-0" marks at the same time locks all of the passenger doors.

Do I Have To Use The Factory-Set Code?

Of course, you do not have to keep the factory-issued passcode to use the Ford keyless feature with SecuriCode. You can change the original password to a number sequence that you can comfortably remember by first entering the factory code. Then, press the "1-2" mark before registering your new code.

Remember to enter all numbers in any given sequence within five seconds to avoid having to start over several times. It may also be ideal for you to write down your new passcode if you choose to change it to prevent the catastrophe of being locked out due to entering the wrong numbers.

Ford Keyless Entry Keypad Not Working?

Here are a few tips:

  1. If the pad has weak illumination, it might be a sign that the battery is getting weak. Unfortunately, the battery is not replacable and the pad might need to be replaced.
  2. If the master code is lost, you must replace the keypad. Master codes are not stored anywhere for your security.
  3. In cold temperatures, the keypad will illuminate for shorter periods of time in order to save battery life. This is a normal feature and you do not need to be concerned.
  4. If the wrong code has been entered seven times, the keypad will disable itself for one minute. This is so that thieves cannot continually try different codes. After one minute, you will be able to try again.

How Do I Learn More?

You can learn more about SecuriCode as well as other keyless entry features when you stop by Grapevine Ford to test drive a 2018 car or truck.

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