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Millennials Have An Eye For The Suburbs

Recent studies have shown that Millennials have a neverending eye for suburban environments. Nothing quite says modern suburb like big, bold SUVs, blaring through their neighborhoods blasting the latest hip music. That's exactly the kind of environment that the age 23 to 38 demographic has their eye on right now.

Millennials Love Ford SUVs

Ford SUVs are the ideal Millennial vehicle. Not only is the exterior of a Ford SUV very bold and rugged, but it also has all of the gentle touches on the interior that Millennials demand these days. Let's talk about a few of the things that Millennials see in Ford SUVs:

Big and Bold Designs with Powerful Tech

  • Tech savvy with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Intriguing driving modes that ramp up the adventure
  • Driver-assist features that make the vehicle safer and easier to drive
  • Status symbol, as the Explorer is one of the most revered of all autos

And that's just for starters. The Explorer is certainly one of the top SUVs for Millennials, and it has legions of driver-assist technologies and a kicking sound system even if you just get the standard sound. Millennials may be moving to the suburbs, but they're not giving up on the music and culture of their youth just yet. They're turning to SUVs like the Expedition and Explorer to capitalize on that big, bold new attitude of adulthood. Ford says large SUV sales are up 11% from last year, while mid-size models are up 9%. For Millennials, the bigger the better!

Growing Up With Ford SUVs

Millennials are now finally finding their place in the world and beginning to take their place among the older generation as suburb-dwelling, technology-loving citizens. And Ford is capitalizing on this left and right by catering to Millennials and giving them exactly what they're asking for: Beautiful, elegant, and rugged SUVs like the Expedition and Explorer. Anyone who adores SUVs is going to love these two, but Millennials especially appreciate their finer qualities.

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