2020 Ford Explorer Co-Pilot360  

Available in most Ford models, the Co-Pilot360 is one of the most advanced active safety suites in today's automotive marketplace. More than ten driving aides and accident-avoidance features power this exclusive package.

Whether driving on city or suburban streets, you'll receive plenty of assistance from the Co-Pilot360 system. Thanks to the Pre-Collision Assist, you can confidently navigate narrow streets that have lots of crosswalks. If a person suddenly appears in your path, the Automatic Emergency Braking will engage. This autonomous braking technology also responds to slow-moving vehicles or motorcycles.

If you're a commuter, you'll love the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. Analyzing real-time traffic patterns, the IACC can be programmed to maintain specific following distances and speeds on the highway. The Speed Sign Recognition is also integrated into this advanced cruise control system. With supplemental support from the Lane Centering function, you'll stay in your designated lane on the freeway. Additionally, the IACC includes the Stop-and-Go technology, which is optimized for urban commutes that require frequent acceleration and deceleration near major interchanges.

The Co-Pilot360 suite comes with several other driving aides that may prevent high-speed accidents on busy roads. For instance, the Evasive Steering Assist will help you avoid a vehicle that's stopped in the middle of the highway. The Lane-Keeping System discourages you from executing dangerous lane changes. If you continue to drift into and out of multiple lanes, this technology will generate coffee cup icons in the instrument panel. You should probably pull over and rest for a little while if this alert comes on. The Co-Pilot360 also controls several technologies that help you maneuver in tight spaces.

The Active Park Assist 2.0 function comes with an easy to activate electronic button on the dashboard. You can easily engage Active Park Assist 2.0 if you must parallel park. The Reverse Brake Assist and a rearview camera are some other technologies that boost your judgment for parking. Available in Ford pickup trucks, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist comes with an electronic dial in the cockpit. Additionally, the Trailer Coverage gives you extra confidence for changing lanes when towing a large trailer on the highway. This innovative driving aide works in tandem with the Blind Spot Information System.

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