2022 Ford E-Transit  

One of the most anticipated commercial vehicles to be released in the auto industry is the 2022 Ford E-Transit because of its advanced design. The model is in demand because it's an all-electric vehicle with plenty of features and a spacious cabin. There are a few reasons you can consider purchasing this model if you're looking for something that increases your productivity and makes it easier to get around when you're transporting a lot of equipment.

Soft cloth upholstery is present on the seats in the van, offering a high level of comfort. The large windows also provide excellent outward visibility to ensure you can stay safe and feel more confident viewing your surroundings while sitting in the driver's seat. The main focal point on the dashboard is the large 12-inch infotainment screen, which is responsive and receives over-the-air updates to ensure it's always ready to use.

The vehicle delivers 266 horsepower with 317 lb-ft of torque and is powered by an electric motor that charges quickly. It has excellent passing power on the highway and doesn't lag when driving uphill due to its lively engine. The interior of the car muffles outside noise, creating a quiet and comfortable setting. The van also glides over bumps and potholes to ensure there isn't much vibration while traveling on rough roads.

The 2022 Ford E-Transit has a payload capacity of 3,800, proving it has more power than previous generations. The vehicle also comes with rubberized flooring in the cabin to prevent it from suffering from wear and tear when loading heavy equipment. More than enough room is provided with 487 cubic feet of cargo space available, making it easy to load oversized items or items that have an awkward shape.

A lot of standard safety features come packed in the E-Transit to improve driver confidence and offer correct mistakes made by the driver while operating the van. It comes with lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. You can also choose to upgrade to adaptive cruise control with traffic sign recognition if you plan to drive longer distances and want to reduce the risk of minor fender benders or collisions.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the 2022 Ford E-Transit and discover all it offers to drivers on the road. We're here to help you test drive the model and learn more about the different features it provides when you want a reliable and capable cargo van for your business.