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Freedom & Hope is an organization that helps those who feel out of control with their drug or alcohol use. They cater to those struggling with all kinds of substances, including cocaine and other mind-altering drugs. The leaders of Freedom & Hope have seen success using their program and hope to help more people in Grapevine and the surrounding area live safer and healthier lives.

The Freedom & Hope program follows the 12 steps used in Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who attend their meetings will learn about their three main principles - recovery, unity, and service. Freedom & Hope believes that these things can help people live a substance-free life long-term.

The organization understands that just trying to stop with no help does not typically work. That is why Freedom & Hope advocates working through the 12 steps as quickly as possible with the help of a mentor who understands. The goal is to allow the individual to gain their sense of freedom, power, and hope back as quickly as possible so that they can choose to live a drug-free life. It is through a connection that sobriety can be accomplished.

Freedom & Hope does a great deal of good for those struggling from a hopeless state of mind and body in the Grapevine community. Due to COVID, many meetings are being held virtually. For more information on the program and the organization, visit their website today.

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