How to Connect to Ford Vehicle Wi-Fi  

Many Ford vehicles these days come with the ability to connect to the Internet directly with a WiFi hotspot they generate. This is often 4G LTE through the ATT network, so it's reasonably fast. The vehicles often have a powerful antenna that can spread the signal up to 50 feet outside of the vehicle. You can connect as many as 10 devices. Here's some information about how to make this work for you.

Preparing Your Hotspot

First, you have to make sure that your vehicle has the SYNC connect option. You can check this through the appropriate link at the Ford website. Next, it's important to make sure you park your vehicle somewhere safe so that you can work.

Next, you need to activate your SYNC Connect option and download FordPass to the SYNC device in your vehicle. It's also worth checking out the free data trial after you're done.

Make sure your vehicle is started up, and then hit the “Settings” option on the SYNC display. It's in the bottom right. Scroll over in this screen until you see where it says WiFi and Hotspot. Activate this menu and hit where it says “Vehicle Hotspot” to open that tab. Ensure that the WiFi Hotspot is now activated by hitting the toggle button here to “On” if it isn't already.

Go from Settings to the “Service Set Identifier” or “SSID” section and read what it says there. The name and password should be on their defaults. You'll need this name in order to connect. You can hit the “Edit” button at the bottom center of the screen if you want to change these to something else. Also, check the “WiFi Visibility” option and make sure this is set to “on” as well. Toggle it to on if it isn't already.

Connect to the Hotspot

Finally, get your device and make sure the WiFi on it is activated. This will usually be in the settings screen. A list of hotspots should come up. Click the one from your Ford vehicle to connect. If you haven't set up the data hotspot yet, then go to to sign up for it.

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