What's New For the 2020 Ford Transit Connect?

The 2020 Ford Transit Connect is a larger cargo van that many people use for everyday commuting and traveling. This particular van is well-used and loved by owners all over the country. The 2020 version has a few key added features that can improve how you can drive. Not only will you benefit from the larger display screen when in the vehicle, but you'll love its rearview camera and blind-spot monitoring. You will have a van that is great for the entire family, and it can even be converted so that it is wheelchair accessible when this is needed. Its fuel efficiency and secure handling make the 2020 Ford Transit Connect a prime choice for drivers of all types.

2020 Ford Transit Connect Interior

2020 Ford Transit Connect Trims and Features

The 2020 Ford Transit Connect has several features and trim levels that you'll find beneficial when choosing the actual vehicle that you want. The van comes in many different exterior colors, allowing you to customize the look of it quickly and easily. Secondly, you will be able to upgrade to all leatherette interior, which is a whole lot easier to clean when compared to other options available to you. These features make it easy to convert this van into an everyday commute option, and you'll love the fact that it is easy to care for and will last for a long time.

Ford Transit Connect Performance

2020 Ford Transit ConnectRegardless of its size and the fact that it is bigger than some other vans, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect gets impressive horsepower and acceleration. It is ideal for all types of both city and highway driving, so you can feel confident no matter where you are driving it. You will love the fact that you can save money on fuel even with the larger vehicle on the road. This is because you have a larger, more fuel-efficient engine that is perfect for all different types of driving. You can give the 2020 Ford Transit Connect a test drive to see just how different it is when compared to other vans of similar size. You will love how it handles and the key features added for drivers of varying needs.

Technologies to Keep You Safe

2020 Ford Transit ConnectThere are lots of fantastic safety features specific to the 2020 Ford Transit Connect. These features include blind-spot monitoring, which allows you to see if anyone is around you before getting into the next lane. You will also love the rearview camera, which will enable you to backup with ease so that you do not need to worry that you are going to hit something. You will enjoy the more substantial display screen that allows you to stay connected at all times. You have built-in Wi-Fi so that you are always connected and able to avoid the data fees that may come when using your devices.

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