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3 Month/3,000 Mile Limited Warranty


We will pay 100% of the labor and 100% of the parts for the covered systems that fail during the warranty period.* Ask the dealer for a copy of the warranty document for a full explanation of warranty coverage, exclusions, and the dealer's repair obligations. Under state law, 'implied warranties' may give you even more rights. You can also purchase a protection plan to enhance and increase the coverage already provided. Ask your F&I representative for details.


Gasoline Engine: Cylinder block (when damaged by an internal moving part), cylinder head(s) (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts, intake manifold gaskets and head gaskets, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, oil pump, fan blade, water pump, fuel pump, vacuum pump, timing chain, timing gears, timing belt, turbo charger housing and all it's internal parts.

Diesel Engine: All parts listed within Gasoline Engine coverage, fuel injection pump and vacuum pump. 

Transmission/ Transaxle: Transmission case (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the transmission case, torque converter, internal torque converter engagement solenoid, internal shift control solenoids, valve body, governor, transfer case (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the transfer case.

Front/Rear Wheel Drive: Final drive housing (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the final drive housing, axle housing (when damaged by an internal moving part), axle shafts, constant velocity joints, propeller shafts, universal joints.

Factory Installed Air Conditioner: Compressor, compressor clutch, clutch bearings, clutch pulley, condenser, evaporator, accumulator, orifice tube.


Three months from the Limited Warranty Effective Date or when the odometer has registered 3,000 miles from that shown on the Limited Warranty Effective Date, whichever comes first.

*After payment of $100.00 deductible per repair visit.

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The Mechanical Protection Plan provides the financial strength and stability of one of the industries most respected service contract insurers and administrators. The Protection Plan is backed by Old United Casualty Company, an A Excellent rated domestic insurance company by A.M. Best Co. The Mechanical Protection Plan is administrated by MPP Co., Inc., an affiliate of Old United Casualty Company.

Developed in 1979, both companies have maintained a history of leadership in providing quality, comprehensive and flexible service contract plans. Old United Casualty Company and MPP Co., Inc. are uniquely qualified to provide the product and services required in the industry today. This history of over 25 years of leadership, strength and stability, along with proven expertise and resources is what differentiates the Mechanical Protection Plan from every other service contract program in the industry.

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