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Preview: 2022 Ford Maverick

Ford Marverick

It hasn't been officially released yet, but Ford is developing a new compact pickup truck. Details about the latest truck from Ford have yet to be confirmed, but it's likely to be named Maverick. The Ford Maverick will be a bit shorter and smaller overall than the Ranger, which is Ford's midsize pickup truck. Although it will resemble Ford's other pickup trucks in design, with its aesthetics borrowed from the legendary "F" series, the Maverick could be built on the same platform used by the Bronco Sport…

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Ford Driver Assist Technology Could Stop ‘ANNOYING’ Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road

Driver Assist Tech

The Beginning of The End For Backseat Drivers

Word through the grapevine is that Ford Co-Pilot360 could be the beginning of the end for those backseat drivers that have been annoying drivers since the dawn of the automobile. We've all driven with one at some point. They sit in the backseat warning us to "watch out" before we hit something to our left, right, or center.

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How Does Ford Sync Connect Work?

Ford Sync

One thing that Ford has developed a reputation for has been vehicle connectivity at its finest. The solutions have been brought in using the Sync platform, and they have depended on drivers to connect phones through USB or hands-free wireless technology. Some of the great services provided through this technology include vehicle health reports and 911 Assist.

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Skidding on Icy Roads

Icy road - driving in icy weather in Dallas area

In northern Texas, we experience tougher winters than many other parts of the Lone Star State. In addition to hail, icy weather is problematic for drivers who want to keep their vehicles safe from damage. To help avoid the potential of sliding on icy roads and winding up in a collision, follow these guidelines.

  1. Drive slower. Even abiding by normal speed limits isn’t safe in icy weather; you should always drive slower to help…
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The Ford F-150 Dominates the Competition in IIHS Safety Testing


A lot of truck brands boast about the strength, durability, ruggedness, and capability of their vehicles--as they should. Pickup trucks in Grapevine, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, and Lewisville today are bigger than ever, able to tow and haul incredible loads that trucks even ten years ago wouldn't be able to dream of.

But is your pickup truck strong and steady where it counts?

The 2016 Ford F-150 is.

640 × 480

In recent testing by the Insurance…

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